Multi-Generational Floor Plans

Multi-Generational Living

Multi-generational house plans are becoming mainstream in the 21st century with a rise of 30% since 2007 and is still growing rapidly across the United States.

The New Normal

A multi-generation home is one that includes two or more adult generations living together. Whether it's parents moving in with their children, or young adult children returning home from college there are many reasons why two homes in one is beneficial.

The Family Plan

Oceanside Building strives to provide the best floor plans for your multi-generational home. Our plans offer independent living and togetherness all in one. We provide two separate living retreats’ where you can relax and still have your own privacy.

We design our homes based on how you live and provide keen attention to all the small details. Our home plans come in different styles and sizes. Our multi-generation home includes 4-5 bedroom, 2- 4 bathrooms, open concept and the option of separate entrances.

Easing Financial Burdens

If we do not have a home that meets your needs then sit down with our specialists and let us design your dream home according to your preferences and budgets to accommodate your needs.