The Story of Oceanside Building

Step into the warm embrace of Oceanside Building and Bay Legacy Homes, where we craft extraordinary residences that transform into cherished family abodes. As a relationship-driven general contracting company, our dedication to construction excellence, creativity, and industry leadership is unwavering. Our homes reflect our commitment to professionalism, high quality, and beautiful results, which form the bedrock of our company values.

With decades of experience in the construction industry, our skilled team has mastered every aspect of the home-building process. From conceptual estimating and design to value engineering and handing over the keys, we are your trusted partner in turning your dream home into a reality.

At Oceanside Building and Bay Legacy Homes, we believe in creating high-quality, affordable, and livable homes that cater to each buyer's unique preferences. Our long-standing relationships with brand-name vendors enable us to offer impressive features at competitive prices, ensuring you receive the value you deserve from your builder while enjoying the close attention to detail that makes your home truly your own.

From our founding principles, Bill DeSteph believes that every customer, regardless of budget, deserves the same level of dedication and quality. He often says, "At Bay Legacy Homes, we're not just constructing houses; we're establishing a solid foundation for generations of cherished memories, shared laughter, and enduring love."

Bill's passion for quality is evident in the meticulous attention he pays to every detail of the homes he builds. In fact, he still personally walks through each house, ensuring perfection down to the last detail. Bill's love for his community runs deep, and he is committed to helping others live and grow their families here, just as he has done.

The enduring reputation and quality of Bay Legacy Homes are of utmost importance to the DeSteph family. Our homes are designed to withstand the elements homeowners encounter in Hampton Roads, and no one understands this better than Bill. We believe in taking care of our homeowners, and as Bill says, "From the initial design and construction to the moment we hand over the keys and beyond, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring you feel the warmth and comfort of your new home. Bay Legacy Homes and Oceanside Building were founded on family values, and we're committed to making your home a welcoming haven for years to come."

At Bay Legacy Homes, our family is eager to help your family build the home of your dreams. We invite you to call us today at 757-631-5800 to start a conversation about your family's aspirations for the future. Let's gather around our table and embark on this heartwarming journey together, creating a home that embodies quality, warmth, and exceptional value.