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Customer Service

When you purchase an Oceanside Building home, we feel it is important to have a walk-through prior to closing to ensure that you are satisfied before you close on your new home. We find that this personal touch is invaluable and has been very helpful to our previous homeowners when it comes to answering questions and clearing up small issues ahead of time. This way, when we hand you the keys, we know you are receiving the quality and attention to detail you deserve.

We are committed to delivering the very best in quality products and services so that your home buying, and home owning experience is the very best it can be. We have chosen products that are designed to be low maintenance. However, nearly all the products in your new home require maintenance in order to preserve their life and beauty.

In order to help you quickly understand some of your basic homeowner’s maintenance responsibilities, we provided you with a Quick Reference Guide to Maintenance at the presentation of your new home. In addition to the Quick Reference Guide, we have provided a more extensive section on homeowner care. Since we build in many price ranges throughout the Hampton Roads area, all of the materials, equipment and construction methods referred to in this section will not be found in every home.

An attempt has been made to help you sustain the beauty and quality of your new home. This manual will supply you with knowledgeable advice directly from the manufactures and installers of your home’s components.

We will do our part to fulfill our warranty. It is up to you to take over and care for your home property. The primary purpose of this section is to recommend to you how to do this. Your home will serve you well for many years to come. All it will take is a little effort from you on a regular basis.

Please read the following pages carefully. Welcome to your new home!

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